Strength & Conditioning
Personal Training

What to Expect In Your First Session

Never had a trainer before?  Don’t worry!  Here’s what to expect.

At WHP Studios, we are focused on functional movements, individualized one-on-one training programs, joyful movement and sports performance.  Every person is different and whether you want to carry your grocery bags home from the store or deadlift 3x your bodyweight, we can help.

In your 1st session, we will use multiple evaluation and assessment procedures, including the Functional Movement Screen, Fusionetics and DorsaVi-Athletic Movement Index, Overhead Squat Assessment and Movement Pattern Checkpoints to determine muscle imbalances, range of motion, focus areas and GPP/readiness for working on the major lifts and max testing.  

Along the way, you will learn how to coordinate your movements, connect with and control individual and cooperative muscles and challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Some people will be ready to test their maximum ability in the major lifts on day 2 and some people will take multiple months of regular, dedicated, focused training and repetition volume.  Everyone is on their own path.   

Clinical Hypnosis & Mental Preparation

Clinical hypnosis can complement your physical training to help gain an added “edge” on your performance and assist in relaxation, recovery and sleep. Athletes of any age can dramatically improve their athletic and competitive performance, and increase their enjoyment of the game. 

Through this process, they will find a decrease in anxiety, self-doubt, and stress that may be hindering their ability to perform at their best. 

We are in partnership with DLA Psychology Center where all clinicians have specific training in clinical hypnosis. They collaborate with each athlete to tailor a personalized hypnosis that meets their goals, such as increasing performance, and decreasing anxiety and negative thoughts.

Reach out today to schedule a free consultation or (773) 609-2069. Insurance is accepted and may cover the cost.

Plans and Pricing

We want to help you build sustainable lifestyle changes by incorporating fitness, strength, mobility and cardio conditioning training. Custom and package pricing is available, please contact us to discuss.

Most clients are on plans with 2 to 4 sessions per week and start to feel and see changes after 2 to 3 weeks of consistent, dedicated training.

Personal Training

  • 25 minute – $70
  • 50 minute – $125
  • 10 sessions – SAVE $
  • 15 sessions – SAVE $$
  • 20 sessions – SAVE $$$

Multiple Athletes

  • 2 Person Tandem
  • 3 Person Trio
  • Team Practices & Camps
  • Coach Seminars & Clinics

Sports Skills

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness